regan smith and roo

Nulo is excited to partner with World Champion Swimmer Regan Smith and her cat Roo in celebrating the incredible bond between pets and their pet parents.

Regan, known for her astonishing achievements in the pool, has become synonymous with dedication, resilience, and speed. Her record-breaking performances, including setting world records in the women’s 200-meter backstroke and securing multiple medals on the international stage, have made her a standout figure in the world of competitive swimming.

Regan’s journey in the water is nothing short of inspiring. At the young age of 19, she already had an Olympic debut under her belt, contributing significantly to the U.S. team's success. Beyond her Olympic medals, she has also shone brightly at World Championships, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible in her sport. Her relentless pursuit of excellence mirrors the high standards she sets in every area of her life, including the well-being of her beloved cat, Roo.

The partnership with Nulo is a natural extension of Regan's commitment to performance and health. Just as she prioritizes nutrition to maintain her performance levels, she insists on the same quality for Roo, who offers unconditional love and companionship.

Roo has been by Regan’s side through highs and lows, providing comfort and motivation with his unwavering affection. For Regan, ensuring Roo receives the best nutritional care is not just a responsibility but a reciprocation of his loyalty and love.

Nulo, renowned for its high-quality, nutritious pet food, aligns perfectly with Regan’s lifestyle and values. Nulo is dedicated to helping pets thrive through superior nutrition, which includes high-meat protein, low-carb formulas, and ingredients that promote health and energy. This partnership highlights the shared commitment between Regan and Nulo to achieve excellence in every arena—be it in competitive pools or daily cat care.

We are incredibly excited to support Regan and Roo as they embark on this new chapter together. Their story is a powerful reminder of how proper nutrition is essential not just for elite human athletes, but for our pets as well.

Through this collaboration, we aim to inspire pet owners everywhere to prioritize their pets’ health as a fundamental part of their family’s happiness and well-being. Join us in celebrating this dynamic duo as Regan continues to make waves in the world of swimming, and Roo cheers her on every step of the way!



Regan is no stranger to how great nutrition can fuel one’s day. That's why she chooses MedalSeries Turkey & Cod Recipe to fuel her cat, Roo.