food safety

At Nulo, ensuring the safety and quality of our pet food is our top priority. We maintain rigorous standards that exceed industry norms, encompassing every aspect of production, from sourcing ingredients to packaging. Our commitment to food safety includes comprehensive analyses for nutrient content, microbiological integrity, and packaging quality, guaranteeing that each product meets our exacting standards before it reaches your pet's bowl.

Our kitchens operate with the highest level of cleanliness and adherence to safety protocols, exceeding industry standards to ensure the health and well-being of your furry companions. In fact, a number of our products meet the same stringent criteria required for human-grade food, reflecting our unwavering dedication to providing the best possible nutrition for pets while upholding the highest standards of safety and quality. When you choose Nulo, you can trust that every meal is crafted with precision, care, and the well-being of your pet in mind.

ingredient sourcing

At Nulo, we're passionate about crafting exceptional recipes that begin with exceptional ingredients. Through longstanding relationships with top-tier farmers, ranchers, and fisheries, many trusted for over a decade, we ensure the highest quality and ethical standards are met. Our commitment to sourcing extends globally, with meats, poultry, and fish primarily sourced from North America, alongside select imports like duck from France and lamb from Australia & New Zealand.

We prioritize partnerships with suppliers who uphold humane practices and responsible harvesting, with our trout farm-raised in freshwater raceways and ponds, recognized as a "Best Choice" by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program. From fruits and vegetables to organic grains and probiotics, our ingredients are meticulously sourced from North America and beyond, all meeting stringent quality specifications.

Some of our wet foods are crafted in Thailand, adhering to the highest international food safety standards and sourced locally, except for beef and wild-caught fish sourced from the Gulf of Thailand, Western Pacific, and Indian oceans.

Choosing responsibly sourced ingredients isn't just about nutrition; it's a pledge to safeguard our planet's health and shape a sustainable future for all.


At Nulo, sustainability isn't just a concept—it's our guiding principle. We're deeply committed to reducing our carbon footprint, working closely with experts at Price Waterhouse to measure and track meaningful reductions in CO2 emissions. Through strategic initiatives and innovative solutions, we're actively minimizing our environmental impact across our operations.

Additionally, we're dedicated to transitioning our packaging to more recyclable formats, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to make eco-conscious choices. Through our current partnership with Terracycle® we provide an easy way to recycle an entire product line into upcycled products and help us manage our environmental footprint.

As proud members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, we're part of a collective effort to advance profitable environmental and social practices within our industry. Together, we're paving the way for a more sustainable future for pets, people, and the planet.