food philosophy

Nulo's nutritional philosophy revolves around crafting recipes that align closely with the dietary needs of dogs and cats, emphasizing high meat and fish protein content while minimizing carbohydrates and incorporating low glycemic ingredients.

We recognize the challenge consumers face in deciphering pet food labels, which often differ from those of human foods. Pet food packaging lists ingredients by weight before cooking, with the heaviest ingredients appearing first. However, during cooking, the moisture content of ingredients like "fresh meats" can significantly reduce their contribution to the final product. Without high-quality meals such as dehydrated meats and fish to compensate, the resulting food may have lower meat content when served.

At Nulo, we scrutinize every aspect of our recipes based on what ends up in the bowl, ensuring that our dry solid meat protein content ranks among the highest in the pet industry. Understanding that dogs and cats have limited dietary need for carbohydrates, we prioritize maintaining high meat content while effectively managing carbohydrate levels. By focusing on what matters most – the nutritional composition as consumed by pets – we deliver recipes that truly cater to the carnivorous instincts of our beloved companions.

Did You Know?

meet our animal nutritionists

At Nulo, we prioritize the science behind pet nutrition, showcasing our dedication through the employment of three full-time animal nutritionists on staff. This deliberate choice underscores our unwavering commitment to prioritizing nutrition over marketing tactics. These experts serve as the cornerstone of our operation, driving innovation, developing functional solutions, ensuring rigorous food safety standards, and conducting continuous research.

By keeping abreast of the latest advancements and scientific findings, we guarantee that every Nulo product is formulated with precision and backed by rigorous scientific scrutiny, providing pet owners with the assurance that their furry companions receive nothing but the best.