gabby thomas and rico

gabby thomas and rico

Nulo is excited to partner with Silver Medalist Sprinter Gabby Thomas and her dog Rico in celebrating the incredible bond between pets and their pet parents.

Gabby is an American track and field sprinter. She won the bronze medal in the 200m and the silver medal in the 4x100m relay at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She also won the silver medal in the 200m and the gold medal in the 4x100m relay at the 2023 World Athletics Championships. We sat down with Gabby to learn more about her journey as a sprinter, a dog mom, and her perspective on the importance of nutrition.

Tell us about your background as a runner. What led you to pursue the path you’re on?

I started running when I was 13 at my school track team and I fell in love with it. Early on I specialized in the long jump and triple jump because you need a lot of speed and momentum to jump far. I grew up doing a lot of sports. I liked soccer and basketball back then as well but running just stuck with me. I love the idea of setting goals and achieving your personal best.  

Describe a day in the life with you and Rico. How does Rico support you on your journey?  

Rico and I wake up together every day, eat breakfast, and then we go for our morning walk. We also play a bit before I head to the track for practice. And then when I come home, he’s the first one who greets me at the door and we go for another walk. Rico keeps me happy and keeps me sane – no matter what might be going on.

Describe something incredible that Rico does.  

Rico loves to sing in the morning. When I get up he literally sings a song for me. I’ll have to share a video one day because you have to see it to believe it. It’s too cute.

Share some activities you enjoy with Rico. Anywhere special around Austin that you guys like to frequent?

Rico likes to go on hikes with me around Austin. There are a lot of great trails to explore and things to see and sniff. And believe it or not he loves running on the track! He gets so excited to work out with me. And he’s a pretty fast little guy for a pug!

How has Rico’s unconditional love helped you persevere through the ups and downs of your athletic career?

There's truly no greater feeling than walking through the door and being greeted by the unwavering affection of a dog – and for me, that is exactly what I get from Rico. Regardless of the highs and lows I might experience competing, training, or otherwise, Rico is a steady source of happiness and joy.

What truly matters to him is the bond we share. I mean, he’s not just a pet, but a member of my family – a source of support and companionship that enriches every aspect of my life. To Rico, I’m simply his favorite human, and that kind of devotion is an incredible source of inspiration and comfort that grounds me every day.

Which Nulo foods does Rico enjoy?   

Rico loves his salmon kibble – he eats it 3 times a day. He’s also become a fan of the granola bars with pumpkin and banana. I also tried one of the Salmon & Quinoa gently-cooked pouches and it was a huge hit. I’m going to have to add that to his daily routine as well. It’s human-grade, and you can see big chunks of wild salmon in it.


Gabby is no stranger to how great nutrition can fuel one’s day. That's why she chooses FreeStyle Salmon & Peas Recipe to fuel her dog, Rico.