high meat

As carnivores, our dogs and cats require diets rich in protein and amino acids that they can only get from real meat. Nulo's 'percentage of animal-based protein' is at the top of the industry.

low carb

Nulo uses ingredients like spelt, lentils & sweet potatoes to provide lasting energy & Nulo's recipes are among the lowest-carb dietson the market..

low glycemic

We believe that dogs and cats have similar glycemic responses and that picking more responsible sources of carbs can help support blood sugar control and a healthy weight.

It can also help avoid a host of chronic conditions (like diabetes) and keep things like heart disease and various cancers in check.

patented probiotic

Nulo uses GanedenBC30, a natural probiotic with a protective spore casing, giving it viability all the way to the digestive tract, where it's needed to do it's job.

did you know?