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Mix-It-Meal Recipe

Senior Pollock, Duck & Sweet Potato Kibble Topped With Wild-Caught Sardine & Minced Beef



Dr. Abby Huggins

Prep Time

5 Minutes

Pet size

2 lbs
2 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 15 lbs 20 lbs


1 meal


  • 1/8 cup
    Alaska Pollock, Duck & Sweet Potato

    Freestyle High-Meat Cat Kibble

  • 1/2 pouch
    Sardine & Beef in Broth

    Freestyle Pouches for Cats


Treat your reliable furry friend with this delicious meal created specifically for senior cats. Start off by gathering up your Nulo recipes, her favorite bowl and a measuring cup.

  • 1 Take your Senior Pollock, Duck & Sweet Potato Kibble, measure out the recommended serving size and pour that into your bowl.
  • 2 Your lovable cat is probably purring pretty loud already, but there is more!
  • 3 Top the kibble with a delicious portion of your Wild Caught Sardine & Minced Beef pouch.
  • 4 Mix everything up in the bowl.
  • 5 Serve it up to your eager and excited kitty.
  • 6 Sit back, enjoy and celebrate meal time with your furry friend.
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