simone biles and lilo and rambo

Nulo is excited to partner with Gold Medalist Gymnast Simone Biles and her dogs Lilo and Rambo in celebrating the incredible bond between pets and their pet parents. The most decorated gymnast in history with 37 World and Olympic medals, Simone is considered to be one of the greatest gymnasts of all time. Her seven Olympic gymnastics medals are ninth-most of all time. We sat down with Simone to learn more about her journey as an athlete, a dog mom, and her perspective on the importance of nutrition.

Tell us about your dogs. How has their unconditional love helped you persevere through the ups and downs of your career?
Being an elite athlete puts a lot of stress and pressure on you, and I got Lilo for emotional support and to be a companion. I found how much joy she gave me, how much more excited and how much more energy I had. I do things that make me happy outside of the sport so that inside, I can always train and compete my best.

What role does nutrition play in your journey as an athlete?
I always knew that to perform at my best, I wanted to eat healthily and stay in shape because that would fuel all of my energy in the gym and set me up for success.

I feel the same way when it comes to feeding my dogs—they have to be exercised, and they have to eat healthy, which plays a role in the longevity of their life.

Why did you choose to partner with Nulo?
Pets rely on us to make the best decisions for their health and happiness, including what we choose to put into their bowl every day. I’m so thankful to have discovered Nulo. It’s the healthiest food I can feed them – high in meat proteins like lamb, turkey, and salmon - with no extra fillers. And they love the way it tastes!


Simone is no stranger to how great nutrition can fuel one’s day. That's why she chooses FreeStyle Lamb & Chickpeas Recipe to fuel her dogs, Lilo & Rambo.