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Jordan & Ivana Hicks
with Precious, Napoleon and Blue

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Jordan & Ivana Hicks With Precious, Napoleon & Blue

As a professional football player, Jordan Hicks’ life has been centered around health. Making sure he’s healthy enough to play on the field, that he’s nourishing his body to recover from injuries and as a parent to two young babies, fueling his energy as a dad. For Jordan though, it’s always a been a team effort with his wife, Ivana. They’re living the crazy pro football life together.

Jordan and Ivana know that balancing Jordan’s football schedule and a happy, healthy home life takes a lot of work and prioritization. They manage a hectic schedule, trading off from one workout to the next, while the other manages the household. Feeding the babies, feeding the pups and making meals for themselves. One thing they never compromise on is quality nutrition. With three active Yorkie Maltipoos, a breed that is prone to health issues, making the switch to Nulo made a difference in their personalities and their long-term health.

Precious is the girl and the boss of her brothers, Napoleon and Blue. All three enjoy quality time with the family going on walks in the park and playing with their siblings. For the Hicks family, quality time together is something they will never sacrifice – just like their health.

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