chase kalisz and floyd

Nulo is excited to partner with Gold Medalist Swimmer Chase Kalisz and his bulldog Floyd in celebrating the incredible bond between pets and their pet parents.

Chase is a decorated American Swimmer specializing in individual medley events, who understands the importance of support not just from coaches and family, but from his constant companion, Floyd. We sat down with Chase to learn more about his journey as a swimmer, a dog dad, and his perspective on the importance of nutrition.

Can you tell us about your personal journey as a swimmer?

I started all-year-round swimming at age 4 doing a summer league and doing general lessons a few times a week in the winter. My parents had no background in the sport, but I quickly developed a huge love and passion for the water.

In my first year of high school, I had incredible teammates and I was the luckiest kid in the world to get first-hand experience and to bounce ideas off to help accomplish my ultimate dream of winning a gold medal. Ultimately, I gained a lot of perspective and developmental growth.

Then, found myself at the University of Georgia for 4 years, and going on 12 years now on the US National Team. It’s been quite a journey. At the University of Georgia, I won 3 individual national titles, which led me into my senior year and the 2016 Rio Games where I won my first silver medal.

Fast forward 5 years, and a few World Championships individual medals along the way, I ended up getting my first gold medal in the 2021 Tokyo Games. And to me, that was solidifying the last big accomplishment I set out for in the sport.

Can you tell us about your journey with Floyd?

Growing up as an age group swimmer, one of my teammates used to bring his English Bulldog to practice every day, and I thought he was the coolest dog in the world.  And from then on, I always wanted a bulldog.  Later, I attended college at bulldog capital USA (University of Georgia) and in my last year of undergrad, it was time for me to get a pup.

I soon found Floyd in Chattanooga, welcomed him into my home, and the rest is history. A little energetic and a little monster when he was younger to a total couch potato now. He's my ultimate chill buddy, whenever I'm laying down, he's got to be on my lap. I think it's great to have my bulldog to cuddle with me after a long day of training.

How has Floyd supported you in swimming?

Swimming is an individual sport – your head is down in water and you’re swimming for long periods of time. I'm usually tired when I get home and wanting to prioritize relaxation and recovery. No better way to do that than lay on the couch, watch a movie, and have Floyd there to unwind with without having to worry about anything else.

Can you explain the importance of nutrition as an athlete?

Food is a huge part of what I do – not just for performance, but for my happiness. In a sport like swimming, if you’re not putting the right things in your body, you’re going to crash and burn. It’s a highly aerobic sport with a heavy emphasis on getting as strong as possible, lifting to build as much strength as possible, and sustaining as much endurance as possible, so having the right food in my diet is highly important.

And what is your perspective on nutrition for Floyd?

Like any pet owner, you want the best for your dog. He’s a family member. When he was young, he had no problems eating and would get really excited about it. As he’s gotten older, I would put the food in his bowl and come back from practice and the food would still be there.

I thought it was a metabolism thing but I went on a search to find something new, something that was the right type of food for him. Once I found Nulo – the second I put it in his bowl, he was eating again. I found out it wasn’t quite a metabolism issue.

What about Nulo turned you onto the brand?

That’s the best thing about Nulo. You look at the ingredient panel and you will recognize all of those ingredients. It’s real food. The biggest thing for Floyd is the high animal protein, low carbs, and that’s the best for Floyd because bulldogs aren’t the most active out there, and I know Floyd is eating a healthier and purer diet.


Chase is no stranger to how great nutrition can fuel one’s day. That's why he chooses Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon Recipe to fuel his bulldog, Floyd.