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    beauxgart & jasper with
    carly patterson

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    Carly Patterson with Beauxgart & Jasper

    Spunk, focus and energy that lasts all day long. You might think we’re talking about Carly Patterson, 2004 All-Around Gymnastic Champion, but these traits apply to her dog and cat too.

    Carly’s Sphynx cat Jasper has eyes that can pierce steel and has proven to be quite the diva around the house. And then there is Carly’s adorable but timid Sheepadoodle puppy Beauxgart – who takes some time to warm, but once he does … it’s play time!

    A gymnastic Hall of Fame member, Carly is known for her gold medal performance in 2004 as well as her two silver medals in the Team Competition and Balance Beam.

    While Carly’s competitive gymnastic days might behind her (she can still rip an impressive tumble in the gym) she continues to bring her bouncy spirit, physical preparation and competitive drive to everything she does.

    Today, Carly and her husband reside in Frisco, TX and tend to their furry family of Beauxgart and Jasper. Carly is an avid believer that the nutrition we put into our body pays dividends in our quality of life and performance. The nutrition she chooses for her own pets is no different, which is why Carly, Beauxgart & Jasper are proud to wear the Nulo heart and spread the word about Nulo’s healthy recipes.


    2004 ATHENS

    • Gold medal – All-Around
    • Silver medal – Team Competition
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