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At Nulo, we want to ensure that every pet gets the nutrition they need so we’ve made it easy to try Nulo. Choose from the flavors below to buy a 2lb trial bag and you’ll receive a coupon for $10 off your next Nulo kibble in-store purchase with your order! Making the change to a healthier & happier pet couldn’t be easier!

Thinking about trying Nulo for your dog or cat? Get the facts on Nulo pet food, read about how the right food can help alleviate allergies in pets or simply select a flavor below to learn more about Nulo’s high-meat, low-carb nutritional platform.



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Great for Dogs with Allergies


why try Nulo?

Nulo’s ingredients are high in animal-based protein (industry-leading levels, actually), use low carbs, low glycemic ingredients and use a patented probiotic that survives the cooking process.

high meat

As household carnivores, our dogs and cats require diets rich in protein and amino acids that they can only get from real meat. Nulo’s “percentage of animal-based protein” is at the top of the industry.

low carb | low-glycemic

Nulo uses ingredients like spelt, lentils & sweet potatoes to provide lasting energy & Nulo’s recipes are among the lowest-carb diets on the market.

patented probiotic

Nulo uses GanedenBC30, a natural probiotic with a protective spore casing, giving it viability all the way to the digestive tract, where it’s needed to do it’s job.

And if that’s not enough - we're independently owned so we keep ourselves accountable. We don't cost-optimize and sacrifice quality just to save a few bucks on ingredients (just ask our CFO) and we never cut corners. For real, our CEO’s standard has always been "The Max Test" – meaning if he wouldn't feed the food or treat to his own dog, Max, Nulo isn't going to make it for yours.

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in good company

Curious who else feeds Nulo? Browse the community of like-minded pet parents who are making sure their pets get the very best nutrition. We think you’ll find you’re in good company with Nulo.

"In the Phelps household, whether it's Nicole and I, Boomer and Beckett, or Juno and Legend, we all eat healthy. We want to live our best life - our longest life we possibly can so being able to have the best and the cleanest dog food to give our dogs makes perfect sense."

Michael Phelps

23-Time Gold Medalist

"When I switched Molly over to Nulo a couple of years ago, it not only made an immediate difference in the way she looked – her coat is so much softer and definitely more shiny now – but I could also tell it made a big difference in the way she felt day-to-day. Not to mention, she also loves the way the food tastes, and that’s because this pet food has a lot of meat in it.  I cannot imagine feeding her anything else."

Tim Ferriss

Author & Podcaster

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