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    Linsey & Chris Corbin
    with Chimehuin

    Linsey & Chris Corbin With Chimehuin

    Linsey Corbin is a professional triathlete and eight-time Ironman champion. Her husband, Chris, runs a small-batch digital agency, Corbin Brands. Together they live in Bend, Oregon, and make a family with their Golden Retriever: Chimehuin (Chimmy for short), named after the world-famous Chimehuin River in Patagonia.

    When not at work, the Corbin’s spend much of their time outside on the trails or on a variety of lakes & rivers in Oregon. Chimmy went on her first Steelhead trip at the age of 10 weeks and hasn’t looked back since. She loves being her mom’s training partner and cheerleader and when she’s not running or playing, her favorite place to take a nap is in the front of her dad’s boat on the river. Whether it is trail running with mom, flying-fishing with dad, camping trips in the summer, or chasing a ball around the neighborhood park – that’s what keeps Chimmy’s tail wagging.

    The Corbin’s are always on the move, training, or exploring, and all three of them need proper nutrition to fuel their adventures. Linsey understands what it takes to keep her body nourished for her triathlon races. She holds the same standard of healthy eating when it comes to feeding Chimmy.

    See more about Linsey and Chimehuin on Instagram @linseycorbin
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    Linsey & Chris's Choice

    Linsey is no stranger to how good nutrition can fuel your day. That's why Linsey and Chris choose our Freestyle™ high-meat kibble limited+ salmon recipe to fuel Chimehuin every day.