Trey & Chelsea Hardee with Minka & Luca

What does a World Champion Decathlete feed his favorite pup? Learn more about Nulo MedalSeries and Nulo FreeStyle for your four-legged athlete.

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Natalie Coughlin with SheRa

Natalie knows how the right nutrition can fuel her body, but learn how great it makes Dozer and SheRa feel.

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Fuel Their Inner-Athlete

With industry-leading meat content and grain-free recipes, your cat will never look and feel so good.

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Aaron Peirsol & Judo

5 time gold medalist and his Nulo dog, Judo. Learn more about the nutrition Aaron chooses to fuel his favorite pup.

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Nulo FreeStyle


Nulo MedalSeries

  • Keep Cool & Fit: Take Your Dog for a Swim

    With the warm months of summer approaching, dogs and their owners will probably find themselves spending more and more time around the water. Whether a favorite swimming hole or a backyard pool, there isn’t a better way to beat the heat. While swimming has long been a favorite dalliance of both dogs and their owners, it also has tremendous health […]
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Nulo Nutrition



Let's face it, dogs and cats love protein, not grains. Every Nulo recipe - kibble or can - is grain-free to mimic your dog or cat's ancestral diet.


High Meat Protein

With over 80% of proteins coming from real meat like lamb, chicken, salmon, turkey or cod, you can be assured that your dog or cat is getting the amino acids and fuel they need.



All Nulo recipes contain only low glycemic index ingredients - like chickpeas, lentils & sweet potatoes - for stable energy throughout the day.


Patented BC30 Probiotic

Nulo is powered by a pure probiotic strain that provides guaranteed survivability compared to other probiotics as it is able to withstand the heat of food processing.


Our Promise

No Corn, Wheat Gluten, Soy or Artificial Preservatives, Colors and Flavoring. That’s Our Promise.