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From gold medalists to celebrity chefs, to adventure photographers – Nulo ambassadors are at the top of their field. Not only do they inspire us in their professional success, but also in the causes they champion and support. Because of this, Nulo is proud to support Elena Pressprich and her work with Street Dog Hero – a Pacific Northwest organization that re-homes street dogs from around the world.

A photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and animal lover, Elena has supported the organization for the last year, most recently joining them on a trip to Todos Santos, Mexico where they set up spay and neuter clinics and provided community outreach and education. It is this love and care she has shown for pets around the world that make us honored to partner with Elena, as she embodies Nulo’s core mission to help make all pets healthier together.

Read below to learn more about Elena’s involvement with Street Dog Hero and how you can help dogs around the world this Holiday season- and Nulo will double your impact by matching up to $5,000.


Q: Why Street Dog Hero? 

Elena: Street Dog Hero is very special to me because while it is still so small, every single person that helps Marianne Cox, (founder of Street Dog Hero), has so much passion and love for helping these dogs in need. It takes a very special person to be willing to step into an extremely emotional environment and dive into really hard work. All of the volunteers are living proof that there are huge, selfless hearts everywhere & Street Dog Hero has some incredible volunteers.

Q: How long have you been with Street Dog Hero:

Elena: I have been volunteering for over a year now. I initially started out helping with some photography of the dogs up for adoption as well as some social media support. However, the more I worked with them, the more I wanted to do. Most recently, I had the chance to travel with the organization for a volunteer trip to Mexico, specifically the Todos Santos area, to help with two spay and neuter clinics. One was held for the Pescadaro community and another was performed at the dump where hundreds of dogs live, breed and die.

Q: What was your favorite part of the trip:

Elena: On our first day, we noticed there was a house across the street from our hotel that had many dogs and cats roaming about. We introduced ourselves to the owners and invited them to our spay and neuter clinic in case their dogs weren’t fixed. While talking with them, we learned that people have been giving them dogs and cats when they no longer wanted them, so they take them all in and take care of them the best that they can. 

They also told us that a few hours earlier that morning, one of the dogs- a Doberman- had been bitten in the face by a snake and was not doing well. The owner couldn't afford to pay for the vet bills to help her and so we were able to step in and pay for the vet bill. By the next day, not only was the Doberman doing much better, but the his owner also brought all of their dogs and cats to the spay/neuter clinic. 

He stayed the entire time and watched the volunteers care for the dogs as they came out of surgery. That evening, when we got back to the hotel, we looked across the street and noticed he had invited all of the dogs on to the covered porch and had even laid a blanket out for them. This made us all so happy and our hearts were so full.

This was just one small moment from such a heartbreaking yet rewarding trip. It would be hard to talk about everything we saw, but my experience made me want to find any way to continue to help. I look forward to joining more trips like this at any capacity possible – whether I’m behind the lens trying to tell each dog’s story through my camera, assisting at clinics or just loving on as many of these dogs as possible. Any little bit helps. 

Q: How can you help?

Elena: Street Dog Hero is a non-profit, so money is always the biggest challenge, as it is with any non-profit. That’s why Elena has set up a GoFundMe to help continue to raise money during this holiday season. Better yet, Nulo has pledged to match all donations Elena is able to raise this holiday season, up to $5,000. 

Want to learn more about Street Dog Hero? Click below to learn more about their organization and how your support helps dogs from around the world. 


Ambassador Profile
Elena Pressprich
Elena is a a photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and animal lover.

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