Fuel Their Inner-Athlete

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michaelphelps with Juno & Legend

Swimming legend Michael Phelps is the most decorated athlete of all time. While his competitive swimming days are behind him, health and nutrition remain just as important outside of the pool for him and his growing family.

For his entire swimming career – the latter part in particular – Michael scrutinized everything that he put into his body. He knew that what he ate would have a direct impact on his performance in the pool. Michael uses this same lens when it comes to feeding his family- especially his two French Bulldogs Juno and Legend.

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camilleleblanc-bazinet with Max

Max is a border collie lab mix who enjoys running with his mom, distracting her during workouts and snuggling whenever possible. His mom, Camille, just so happens to be one of the Fittest Women on Earth.

After 4 years competing at the Crossfit Games – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet claimed the title of Fittest Woman on Earth in 2014. Since then, she’s competed in the Games every year for a total of seven competitions, finishing in the top 10 in four of them.

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ryankerrigan with Franklin & George

Franklin and George are English bulldog brothers from D.C. that enjoy philanthropy, educating their thousand followers on Instagram, and, of course, the occasional butt scratch. 

As an outside linebacker for a professional football team, Ryan Kerrigan, Franklin and George’s dad, depends on the right food to fuel his body for every play on the field – and his best friends depend on the right food to fuel them for play off the field.

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kaetlynosmond with Rasquette & Annie

On the ice, Kaetlyn is full focus – nailing her jumps and gliding effortless from one end of the rink to the other. Her daily routine consists of ballet practice in the morning and training at the rink for hours in the afternoon.

And with hard work comes great success – like winning a silver medal at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships. 

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hilaryknight with Winnie

She’s known for her game-winning goals – but Winston, or Winnie for short, knows her as “mom.” Hilary Knight is a two time Olympian and World Champion Women’s Hockey player and Winnie is her 1-year-old English Bulldog.

Winnie has boundless energy – just like his mom on the ice. He enjoys a good game of fetch, and don’t let his breed fool you: Winnie can run, jump and play with the most agile of dogs at the park.

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noahohlsen with Maximus

For CrossFit, dogs have been there from the very beginning, but for Max, CrossFit has been there since the very beginning. The first day Max came home with Noah, he was already romping around Peak 360 CrossFit in Miami, FL. Racking up over 20,000 followers on Instagram and even having his own clothing, Max is a celebrity in his own right.

Noah and Max are inseparable, arriving at the gym early in the morning and leaving when the sun goes down.

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johnisner with Magill

At a towering height of 6’10” and wingspan that seems to stretch the entire width of a tennis court, it’s hard to miss John Isner. But it’s his English Cocker Spaniel, Magill, that steals the spotlight on the court and he isn’t afraid to face his dad’s 150mph serve!

With access to an unlimited supply of tennis balls, Magill (named after the Georgia Bulldog Coaching Legend, Dan Magill) is living the dream and thinks he has the best dad that a dog could hope for.

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nataliecoughlin with Dozer & SheRa

As one of the most dominant swimmers of the decade, Natalie Coughlin understands health & nutrition. Her affinity goes hand-in-hand with her natural lifestyle and green mentality too.

Watch and listen as Natalie talks about her two dogs – Dozer and SheRa – and the important reasons for choosing Nulo to fuel her two four-legged athletes.  

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carlypatterson with Jasper & Beauxgart

Spunk, focus and energy that lasts all day long. You might think we’re talking about Carly Patterson, 2004 Olympic All-Around Gymnastic Champion, but these traits apply to her dog and cat too.

Carly’s seven-year old Sphynx cat Jasper has eyes that can pierce steel and has proven to be quite the diva around the house. And then there is Carly’s adorable but timid Sheepadoodle puppy Beauxgart – who takes some time to warm, but once he does … it’s play time!

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dr.abbyhuggins with Tesla

On an early morning run in 2015, Dr. Abby Huggins Mowinski stumbled upon a little dog dodging traffic near her home. Two years later, that same pup runs right alongside her every morning! High-energy, three-year-old rescue pup Tesla and Abby were made for each other.

As a veterinarian and a competitive triathlete – Abby knows how to keep Tesla happy and healthy while enjoying the right amount of activity together every day.

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sarahtrue with Ötzi

Deep in the quiet, beautiful hills of New Hampshire – just outside of Hanover and Dartmouth College – is a world-class athlete training to swim harder, bike faster and run quicker than her fellow triathletes.

What also perfectly fits Sarah’s personality is her Husky mix Nulo dog – Ötzi – whose thick coat keeps him warm through the New Hampshire winters and whose courageous personality has been known to fend off the occasional meandering black bear. (Yes, we said black bear.)  

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treyhardee with Minka & Luca

A power couple if there ever were one. Trey Hardee, a two-time world champion decathlete, and Chelsea Johnson, a former world-class pole vaulter, both know what quality protein and ingredients mean to their bodies.

But listen to them talk about Minka & Luca, their two Rottweiler-mixed pups, and you’ll understand that their knowledge and love for nutrition doesn’t stop with them.  

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charliewhite with DJ & Finn

When you’re balancing success on the edge of a blade, focus and concentration are your top priorities… unless you’re Charlie White, 2014 Sochi Olympic Gold Medalist ice dancer. The first thing you notice when you meet Charlie – DJ and Finn are definitely his top priorities. DJ and Finn are two adorable Cavachons that belong to Charlie and wife, Tanith Belbin.

While Charlie and Tanith are both truly stars on ice, nothing lights up their home like the pitter patter of paws that come with DJ and Finn.

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aaronpeirsol with Judo

Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, Aaron Peirsol was the top backstroke swimmer in the world. The five-time gold medalist now spends his time in the Southern California surf with his top dog Judo, his nine year-old lab mix pup.

Witness a day in Aaron’s life living an active lifestyle with Judo and how he feels about nutrition for his best friend.

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kellywilliamson with Amico

By her razor-thin frame, you’d never believe the amount of nutrition multiple Ironman Champion Kelly Williamson packs into her body. As the 2012 Ironman Women’s 70.3 U.S. Pro Champion, Kelly understands what the right protein and carbohydrates can mean to strength and recovery.

Amico, her Australian Cattle Dog, knows nutrition too. Catch a glimpse of Kelly & Amico sharing their story and why they choose Nulo.

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crossfitroundrock with Luca

Adrien and Landon, owners of CrossFit RoundRock, have spent a lifetime preaching fitness and nutrition to their CrossFit members – now they believe in it for their dog and cat too.

Listen to how Nulo made a difference in Luca’s life and how Nulo’s high animal-based protein and low carb / low glycemic ingredients match the same nutrition they recommend to their members as well.

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