Kibble, cans and treats


A protein rich diet with the first 3-4 ingredients being proteins from animal sources
Low carb and low-glycemic ingredients to provide stable energy levels
Patented BC30 probiotic for digestive and immune health
Made without grains, white potatoes, corn, tapioca or wheat
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  medalseries limited ingredient diet

Elevates LID nutrition with a minimum of 30% crude protein levels in every recipe
Specially formulated with a single source of animal-based protein for dogs requiring a simplified diet
Now an LID with the guaranteed viable GanedenBC30 probiotic for digestive and immune health
Made without common ingredients like corn, wheat, white potatoes, tapioca, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
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  medalseries protein sticks

Made with a single animal protein
For easy treating on the go
Supports your dog’s digestive & immune health
Easy to break into small pieces or feed whole
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  medalseries pouches

Simply 6 or less ingredients, with real shreds of meat paired with vegetables in broth
Protein-rich to support lean muscles and a healthy body condition
100% natural, with no gums, tapioca or potato starch, grains or other additives
Great for customizing your dog’s meals
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  medalseries jerky strips

The first functional jerky treat with viable GanedenBC30 probiotic
No added salt, sugars or cane molasses
Soft and pliable 4” strips that are easy to tear
Slow-cooked in a natural smokehouse for an irresistible flavor & aroma
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  medalseries trainers

Low-calorie rewards
Trainers pack a superfood boost with honey, cherries & blueberries
Perfect for puppies with guaranteed levels of DHA and Omega-3 fatty acids
NO artificial preservatives, smoke flavors or artificial colors
Made without grains, soy, corn, wheat or gluten-containing ingredients
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  medalseries canned recipes

A protein rich diet with industry-leading meat levels
Lower in carbs to promote lean body mass
Made without carrageenan, corn, wheat, soy or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
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