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Grain-Free Wet Recipes for Dogs

& lentils recipe

Our grain-free lamb & lentils recipe is a rich protein combination of lamb, turkey and salmon complemented with healthy lentils & carrots.

& chickpeas recipe

An excellent complement to any dog’s diet, our salmon & chickpeas recipe delivers a savory mix of salmon and turkey meat that they just can’t resist.

carrots & peas recipe

Mix it up with our grain-free chicken, carrots & peas recipe giving them a healthy combination of protein and vegetables in every serving.

peas & carrots recipe

Let them try our savory blend of beef, peas & carrots with rich proteins and healthy vitamins. Dogs will love the taste while giving them the fuel to keep up with you.

& sweet potato recipe

A delicious blend of turkey & turkey liver mixed with sweet potato and peas. It’s like letting them lick your Thanksgiving plate.