Pet Nutrition

Carly Patterson: Fueling Success in 2016

  2016 is officially here, which means the Rio Games are only a few months away! I think Olympic years bring back emotional memories for any Olympian. Personally, it takes me back to what I was doing in 2004 prior to qualifying for the games. Around this time I was definitely going into full-on preparation mode. I was recovering from […]
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Keep Cool & Fit: Take Your Dog for a Swim

With the warm months of summer approaching, dogs and their owners will probably find themselves spending more and more time around the water. Whether a favorite swimming hole or a backyard pool, there isn’t a better way to beat the heat. While swimming has long been a favorite dalliance of both dogs and their owners, it also has tremendous health […]
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Can Your Dog Go the Distance?

A Breed Apart Runner’s World Magazine August 3, 2010 Can your dog go the distance? By Christie Aschwanden; Sure, most fit canines could thump us in a 5-K, but anyone who has ever watched leashed runners at a local park knows that some animals are better athletes than others. But how does your dog rate? Or if you’re searching for […]
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