Grain-Free Canned Recipes for Cats

& salmon recipe


Cats and kittens can’t resist our special blend of trout & salmon. With our savory flavors and texture, they might just open the can themselves.

& mackerel recipe


A fancy ocean blend of salmon & mackerel gives the most finicky of felines the protein and taste they demand.

& herring recipe


Another gold medal winner, our chicken & herring recipe is the perfect blend fowl and fish to keep the most finicky cat happy and healthy.

& tuna recipe


Keep them on the prowl with our duck & tuna recipe. With a healthy blend of fowl and fish proteins, your cat will love the taste while benefiting from excellent nutrition.

& chicken recipe


One of our most popular recipes, our turkey & chicken recipe is paws down a culinary masterpiece with cats of all shapes and sizes.

& lamb recipe


After a long day of chase, your cat will appreciate the savory taste and protein of our beef & lamb recipe – keeping their appetite satisfied all day long.