Nulo & Lofty Dog at SnoutBySnoutWest

Nulo and local retailer Lofty Dog, shared a booth at Austin’s Snout by SnoutWest dog festival this past weekend held at the Jewish Community Center.

It featured tons of vendors, a live Grateful Dead Cover band, and the highlight of the day – the dog derby races! Sounds serious but it was two dogs racing at a time from one set of cones to another at the finish line. It was not so much a race of max speed but more which dog was paying attention to their owner who was eagerly calling them to the finish line hoping the dogs didn’t get distracted by the plethora of other interesting things/smells/food/dogs going on all around. It was a lot of fun to watch since you never knew what the dogs were going to do besides run to the finish line, ha. We’re not even sure who won but it was funny stuff.


Nulo Brand Ambassador, Rebecca Klop, shared a booth with the owner of Lofty Dog, Jon – who she said “.. is so much fun!”

“It was a great partnership with Nulo encouraging customers to shop at this locally owned store and Lofty Dog encouraging folks to try Nulo, a local very premium dog food. Lots of dogs and their owners, lots of folks interested in Nulo and it seemed quite a few were already big fans,” said Rebecca.

One woman said her dog Gabby “didn’t eat anything” and it was such a struggle to get her to eat. She open a bag of the sample Nulo at the booth and the dog proceeded to devour the entire bag while she watched in amazement. “I love to take the picky dog challenge!” Rebecca exclaimed. It was a was a great endorsement for Nulo from newfound fan.