Splash with Nulo at Paddle for Puppies

Event participants at this weekend’s Paddle for Puppies at Austin’s Town Lake will receive a little something extra in their SWAG bag – a free Nulo sample! Shouldn’t one of Austin’s healthiest pet events have the healthiest nutrition?

If you’re looking to get out with the family (and your favorite pup too) stop by Town Lake and see the Austin Subaru 2nd Annual Paddle for Puppies that supports our friends at Austin Pets Alive!

Date: Sunday – August 25th, 2013
8:00am – 10:00am
Start Location: Rowing Dock
Rest Stop: Austin American Statesman – In the Water
T-Shirt Sponsor: Austin Fit Magazine & Austin Subaru
Live Music: Come Drum For Fun
Food Provider: Austin Java
Beverage Providers: Austin Java Coffee Company and
Zico Coconut Water

APA!’s Parvo Program: Signs of parvovirus infection once meant immediate and absolute euthanasia for puppies and dogs at the city shelter. The city now calls in Austin Pets Alive and gives a same day deadline to pick up the puppies and start treatment. The disease takes about a week to treat and once they are free of parvo, these amazing pups go on to lead normal, healthy lives and are highly adoptable! Watching these puppies go from being on death’s door to playing and eating again is what keeps our volunteers coming back to help treat them. Each parvo puppy costs APA! about $250 to treat, so the number of lives APA! can save is directly related to donated supplies and funds that come through.

APA!’s parvo program has over an 88% save rate – impressive considering most puppies arrive well after the recommended start time for treatment.