Austin Fit Dares to Keep up with The Fittest Dogs

Austin Fit, the premier magazine for people living the active lifestyle in Austin, TX, celebrated its 4th Annual Austin’s Fittest Dog Issue. This year, photographer Brian Fitzsimmons dares to keep up with the likes of Addison, the energetic boxer to wave-riding Eleanor, the golden retriever.


Keeping up with Austin’s Fittest Dogs

These beautiful dogs were nominated for everything from their unique role as training partners, to their volunteer efforts, weight loss accomplishments, and even overcoming injuries.


Ironman 70.3 U.S. Women’s Champion, Kelly Williamson, and her blazing fast cattle dog, Amico

Nulo was a proud supporter of this year’s issue and nominees while highlighting our newest pet nutrition evangelist Kelly Williamson – The Ironman 70.3 U.S. Pro Women’s Champion – and her ultra-fast Australian cattle dog, Amico. Nulo was also present at the Austin Fit wrap party at Banger’s on March 4th where local attendees could meet this year’s fittest dogs and owners and mix with some seriously healthy people.

It should come as no surprise that Austin, TX ranks as one of the nation’s dog-friendliest cities in the country with at least 44.6% of homes owning at least one dog, over 12 off-leash dog parks, and 255 dog-friendly restaurants. Our canine friends clearly have a place in good ole’ ATX.

Pick up a free issue of Austin Fit or read it online and enjoy many other valuable articles as it relates to the nutrition, exercise and health of our four-legged friends.

Nulo at Banger’s in Austin, TX

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