Nulo Shines a Spotlight at The Emmys

Of course pet nutrition is important and The Emmys provides just the spotlight.

As the only pet-related company invited to provide gifts to the 2012 Emmy Awards Nominees and Presenters, Nulo was thrilled to speak to visiting celebrities about quality pet nutrition and introduce our new Nulo’s Lifestyle formulas for dogs.

Nulo CEO, Michael Landa, was in attendance to introduce the new line and answer questions from visiting guests. From the start, it was clear that the celebrities cared deeply about the nutrition their favorite four-footed friends ate. Many wanted to know more about Nulo’s low glycemic carbohydrates and blended proteins, while others were curious how Nulo’s formulas could benefit their growing puppy or older dog. Each guest celebrity received their choice of a 4.5 lb bag of Nulo Lifestyles Formula (Growth, Balance, Endurance, Trim or Longevity) and a gift certificate for a larger bag at any Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies store.

The Emmys might be all about glitz and glamour, but as proud sponsors, Nulo and Centinela were pleased to shine an important spotlight on the difference Nulo’s nutrition can make with any dog.