Nulo, Official Pet Food Gift of the Emmy Awards

Austin, Texas – Aug. 9, 2012. TV celebrity pets can now get their coats looking red-carpet ready thanks to Nulo, a natural pet food company. Nulo is the only pet-related company invited to provide gifts to 2012 Emmy Awards Nominees and Presenters at the event’s Annual Gift Lounge.

On September 21 and 22 at the W Hotel in Hollywood, Nulo will treat 2012 Emmy Award Nominees and Presenters to samples of its premium cat and dog foods, and the opportunity to receive complimentary bags of their pet’s favorite recipes at prominent Los Angeles retailer Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies.  Overall, honorees will take home more than $40,000 in luxury gifts, many of which will likely become “it” items in Hollywood, if past giveaways are any indication.

“This is an incredible opportunity for Nulo, as members of the television entertainment industry are active, health-conscious and outspoken about the things they love – like their pets,” said Nulo CEO Michael Landa. “We’re honored to be part of the 2012 Emmy Awards Gift Lounge, and hope the Nominees and Presenters will spread the word about their pets’ new found energy, happiness and shiny coats.”

Nulo Pet Products produces the most nutrient-dense, transparently labeled cat and dog foods on the market. In place of the usual meat by-products and fillers, Nulo uses all-natural premium proteins like free-roam chicken and turkey, wild-caught salmon and trout and free-range lamb.  It also selects nutrient-rich, low-glycemic carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and brown rice rather than corn, potatoes and other cheap fillers that have become ubiquitous in commercial pet foods.

Nulo invests in pure, high-quality ingredients, so each bite of Nulo contains more nutrients and animal-based proteins than other brands. Nulo also keeps its ultra-premium food competitively priced – feeding a typical 45- to 50-pound dog Nulo costs $0.92 per day, compared with a leading mass-market brand’s daily cost of $0.83.*

* Detailed brand comparison data available upon request.