Flyball – Not Your Ordinary Game of Catch

Is your dog super DUPER into playing catch? Do you brag about his athletic prowess to anyone who will listen? Are your walls covered with “action shots” of your dog mid-air, catching a ball?

Then you just might want to check out a sport called Flyball. Flyball is an international competition sport for dogs, which involves two teams of dogs who relay race over hurdles and, at the end of the course, trigger a “flyball” box to release a ball. The dogs return the ball back over the hurdles to the finish line before the next dog can begin the course.  Sounds fun!

Socialized dogs who know basic commands can learn to play Flyball and there are various clubs and organizations, like the North American Flyball Association, for Flyball enthusiasts and those interested in training for fun or competition. But be forewarned! Training for this sport is going to require that you run alongside your dog during the training so get out your running shoes. This isn’t a sport for the lazy pet owner (or the lazy pet, for that matter!)


Learn more about Flyball in our library to decide if it’s something you might want to pursue. Are there sports that you and your dog participate in? We’d love to hear about them!